Stryper’s 30th Anniversary to Hell With the Devil Tour

Stryper starts off with a blistering version of “Soldiers Under Command.” It’s vintage Stryper at its best.

Oz Fox’s guitar work on this album is especially impressive. He dutifully reproduces Van Halen’s riffs and solos on “On Fire.”

“Surrender” is the spiritual highlight of this album. It’s worship at full volume.

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet is a co-founder, guitarist, and lead singer of Christian metal band Stryper. The group is known for its tuneful metal styles and anthemic power ballads. Their 1984 debut, The Yellow and Black Attack, set them on the road to success.

The group continued to tour and release music until the 1990s, when their popularity began to wane. A softer album, Real, followed in 1996 and earned them a Dove Award nomination.

In the early 21st century, the band regrouped with original members Michael Sweet on vocals and guitar, Robert Sweet on drums, and Oz Fox on bass, and released the albums Reborn and Murder by Pride. With these releases, the band reclaimed their place in the realm of Classic Rock.

Oz Fox

A concert by the multi-platinum Christian rock band Stryper is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Orange County rockers are known for their classic ’80s metal sound and their message of hope and salvation. Their shows are powerful and moving, and the audience often responds with applause and cheers.

During the show, Stryper will perform songs from their extensive catalog. This includes their newest release, Fallen (Frontiers Music SRL). The album features a more aggressive sound and a darker overall vibe. It also includes a cover of UFO’s “Lights Out,” featuring a stunning guitar solo by Oz Fox.

The band is now back together full time after a brief hiatus. Michael Sweet sings and plays guitar, brother Robert Sweet pounds the drums, and Oz Fox screams his guitar. They’ve released a new studio album, Fallen, and two live albums, No More Hell to Pay and Murder by Pride. They’ve also put out a pair of covers albums, The Covering and Second Coming.

Perry Richardson

As a former member of the rock band FireHouse, Perry Richardson is no stranger to performing in front of crowds. He has also played bass for country music performers like Craig Morgan and Trace Adkins. He is currently touring with the Christian metal band Stryper on their 30th Anniversary To Hell With the Devil Tour.

While the band’s lyrical messages haven’t changed, the musical style has evolved over the years. Their latest album, Second Coming, is an eclectic mix of both classic and new tracks. It also features cover songs from bands that inspired the band over the course of their career.

The band sounded tight, especially during their rendition of Honestly. Their outfits were a little less flamboyant than they were in the eighties, but Michael Sweet’s voice was still as powerful as ever. The crowd loved it, and the band threw out special “30 THWTD” bibles for the faithful fans. The show was a great reminder that the band is still going strong after more than three decades.

Robert Sweet

In the ’80s, Stryper was one of the most popular Christian metal bands in the world. Their music blended glam metal with spiritual themes and had a huge impact on their fanbase. The band was formed in La Mirada, California in 1983 by brothers Michael and Robert Sweet, along with guitarist Oz Fox. They were initially called Roxx Regime before changing their name to Stryper.

The band’s distinctive yellow-and-black striped costumes and energetic live performances helped them stand out in a crowded rock scene. They built up a large following, and their 1986 album To Hell With the Devil went platinum. The band’s hit songs “Free” and “Honestly” charted in the Top 40.

Drummer Robert Sweet’s explosive style and impressive kit sounds have inspired millions of drummers worldwide for decades. He uses Yamaha drums to create the sound that is unique to Stryper. He also faces the audience when he plays, unlike most drummers, so that he can connect with the crowd.

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