Stryper Tour 1988

Straight out of Orange County, Stryper were one of the first glam metal Christian bands to break into the mainstream. The band originally formed as Roxx Regime in 1983 but renamed themselves Stryper after signing with Enigma Records and releasing their Yellow and Black Attack mini-album.

Their subsequent releases, Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With the Devil, both hit the charts.

The Story

When it comes to Christian glam metal bands, few are as legendary as Stryper. The Yellow and Black attack of Michael Sweet, Oz Fox, and Robert Sweet continue to energize crowds across America with a show that is loud, energetic, and biblically inspired. Shrouded in flashing strobes, the band members deliver a high-energy performance that is sure to leave fans on their feet.

Originally formed as Roxx Regime in Orange County, California, the group merged their love of heavy metal music with their Christian faith. Taking inspiration from bands like Van Halen, the brothers set out to create music that would reflect their worldview and beliefs. This resulted in the band’s revolutionary sound and message. They have gone on to release many albums, including Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With the Devil. They have also released many hit singles, such as Honestly and Defying Gravity. The band’s signature look includes their yellow and black stripes, which are featured on their instruments, stage setup, and clothing.

The Music

Whether they are opening with their MTV hit Honestly or playing their cover of Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell, Stryper puts on a show that is as energetic as it is timeless. Seeing these Christian rock pioneers is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you won’t want to miss.

Stryper’s latest album – Even the Devil Believes – is a great example of the band keeping true to their roots while still delivering an exciting musical experience. It features a chunky and chuggy style that instantly transports the perceptive listener back to the 80’s when LA metal was at its peak.

Michael Sweet continues to impress with his high-range vocal acrobatics. He can sing as high as anyone in the industry, but he does it with ease and grace. He has a voice that never sounds forced or strained. Bassist Tim Gaines is also an integral part of the equation and he has been in the band for quite some time now.

The Venue

Stryper’s music and message stood out among the hair metal crowd, yet they were very much in tune with many other successful bands of that era. They played a style similar to that of Def Leppard and Van Halen with some anthemic power ballads. In addition, they were the first overtly Christian heavy metal band to gain acceptance in the mainstream.

After the release of their debut album The Yellow and Black Attack, they toured and enjoyed their most successful period. Their 1985 album Soldiers Under Command and 1986’s To Hell with the Devil both reached platinum status.

Despite the departure of bassist Tim Gaines and the onset of medical concerns for guitarist Oz Fox, the remaining original members continued to perform as Stryper. They released a number of great albums full of catchy songs and anthemic messages that resonated with fans. Seeing a live show by the band is a once in a lifetime experience that will open your eyes to the potential of Christian rock.

The Final Words

It’s rare that you go to a show and have 80% of the crowd know every lyric to all the songs no matter what decade they were first sung. But that’s exactly what you get at a Stryper concert.

Formed in 1983 in Southern California, multi-platinum Christian metal band Stryper is a group that isn’t afraid to rock. Their first full-length album, Soldiers Under Command, sold over half a million units and reached number 32 on the Billboard chart. The follow-up, To Hell With the Devil went platinum and remained on the charts for forty weeks.

The band has become a true powerhouse on the live circuit. Shrouded in flashing strobes, singer Michael Sweet and the other members of the yellow and black attack (Oz Fox on guitar, Perry Richardson on bass, and Robert Sweet on drums) put on a show that is as explosive as it is entertaining. The songs are sung with passion and precision, and the melodies – even the ballads – soar.

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