Stryper Review – To Hell With The Devil

Stryper have come a long way since their commercial zenith in 1987. The band continues to rock hard and proud with sweet vocal harmonies and heavy riffs.

This is an openly Christian metal band that focuses on conveying God’s message of love. Their latest album, Even the Devil Believes, is an example of their dedication to their faith.

The band’s origins

The album features a variety of genres, but the band is most known for its heavy metal sound. The soaring vocals of lead singer Michael Sweet, along with the band’s pounding drums and deep bass, make this an unforgettable experience. The lyrics are based on Biblical themes and encourage believers to resist the devil’s temptations.

The song “Honestly” was the band’s breakout hit, propelling them to fame and igniting the Christian Metal movement. It also pushed the boundaries of Christian music, as it was a hard-rocking song and not the typical cheesy glammy stuff you would expect from a band that calls themselves Christians.

The production on this album is some of the best Stryper has ever put out. The drums are full and powerful, and the guitars are crisp and angular. The high-screaming soaring vocals are also impressive, as they are not easy to sing in this style of music.

The band’s style

Stryper is an old school Christian metal band that is still going strong after 30 years of making great music. They play hard, catchy songs with a message that appeals to a wide range of people. Their music is full of energy, and the band members’ virtuosity is evident. The band’s most popular song is “To Hell With the Devil,” which addresses the battle between good and evil.

The album starts with a dramatic instrumental intro, and the rest of the album is filled with rockers. The songs “Invitation Only” and “Make Love Great Again” are especially good examples of the band’s style. Both are high-energy melodic metal songs with powerful choruses and catchy riffs.

“Blood from Above” is a heavy metal anthem that showcases Michael Sweet’s powerful voice. The track also features a great guitar solo. It’s a little slower than other Stryper songs, but it is still a great example of the band’s sound.

The band’s lyrics

Thirty years ago, Christian rock band Stryper released the album To Hell with the Devil, which blended reverently optimistic lyrics about hope and free will with catchy melodies and buoyant vocal harmonies. The yellow and black boys developed a winning formula that would see them to double platinum success and a large fan base.

On Even the Devil Believes, the band dials back the sweetness a bit and focuses on the aggressive riffage that made them famous. Although this doesn’t mean that the group has mellowed with age, it shows that they are still capable of delivering heavy metal that can shake the foundations of your soul.

While the album does include a couple of power ballads, including their highest-charting single, “Honestly”, it’s the heavier songs that will really impress fans. This is music that calls out to be played loud. If you’re a fan of hard rock or metal, this is an essential addition to your collection.

The band’s music

Stryper is a heavy metal band with a message. Their music speaks to the faith of many Christians and encourages people to resist temptation and follow their beliefs. They are often referred to as the pioneers of Christian metal. The band has released a number of well-received albums over the years, including Murder by Pride, Fallen, and Even the Devil Believes.

The band was originally formed in Orange County, California, as Roxx Regime in 1983. The members, Michael Sweet (vocals, guitar), Robert Sweet (drums), and Oz Fox (guitar), honed their rock chops in the Sunset Strip club scene before signing with Enigma Records.

Their debut album, To Hell with the Devil, catapulted them to mainstream success. It was a double platinum record and remains one of the best-selling Christian metal albums to date. Its success and enduring popularity speak to the power of its music and the passion of its performers. It also illustrates the importance of standing up for your beliefs.

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