What is a Stryper Drum Kit?

While their look may have changed over the years (the yellow and black racing stripe bumblebee outfits were toned down) Stryper’s sound hasn’t.

With No More Hell To Pay the band hits their sweet spot combining the dark heavy metal of To Hell With The Devil with the metallic edges of Soldiers Under Command. Add in a few more of those layered vocal melodies and catchy radio friendly pop hooks that fans love and you have one solid album.

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument played with fingers or thumb, by plucking, slapping, popping, tapping, or thumping. It is a member of the rhythm section and typically works closely with the drummer. Its primary function is to establish and maintain a steady rhythm, while other instruments are responsible for melody and harmony.

The 5-string bass guitar is often used by rock and metal musicians to amplify and extend the low end of a rhythm part, while 6-string basses are typically reserved for jazz-rock fusion music or virtuoso solo work (Jackson). In some styles, the 10- and 12-string basses can be utilized in either role.

Robert Sweet plays Yamaha Live Custom Drums & RLS-1470 14X7 Recording Stainless Steel snare and Mega 900 series cymbal stands when playing with Stryper. He’ll be bringing these instruments along on their tour which will see them playing in Poughkeepsie, NY, The Paramount, Huntington, NY and The Gramercy Theatre in NYC this May.


Drums are the heartbeat of a song. They provide a foundation for bass and rhythm guitar to build upon. They also add a sense of energy and excitement to any music. Drums can be found in a wide variety of musical genres and styles.

Marching drums are used with field bands in parades and choreographed performances on a measured pitch (typically football). These types of events feature the percussion section as an ensemble performance. These drums are typically larger in size to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Electronic drums are great for practicing at any time of day and can be played quietly without disturbing your neighbors or family. You can even control the amount of vibration on the floor from the kick and hi hat pedals to reduce ambient sound.

The cymbals do eighth notes or back beats syncopated with the bass drum beat. The snare drum usually does half notes opposite the bass beat and is a good place for accents.


A Drum Voice is a combination of up to 73 individual instruments. This is much more than a Piano or Guitar Voice as each KEY on the keyboard (C0C6) is a separate instrument.

Formed in 1983 as Roxx Regime, they changed their name to Stryper and became the first overtly Christian heavy metal band to gain acceptance in the mainstream. Lead vocalist Michael Sweet and guitarist Oz Fox were the original members of the band.

After a few one-offs, including 2000’s Stryper Expo and a reunion show in Costa Rica, the band reformed for 2003 with drummer Robert Sweet joining the lineup. This was the beginning of a creative and commercial renaissance that has continued to this day. The band is a mainstay on the Monsters of Rock Cruise and regularly performs to sold out crowds across the world. In a recent interview, Michael Sweet indicated the band was working on a new album and had even begun recording the material.

Guitar Amplifiers

A guitar amplifier is the heart of a guitar sound. It takes the relatively puny signal from your preamp and turns it into a sound that can move speakers. An amp consists of the head (containing the preamp and power amp blocks) and cabinet(s) that hold the speakers. A full stack consists of all three elements while a half-stack has just the power amp block and cabinets.

If you are a guitarist that uses lots of pedals or effects on your leads, opt for a modeling amplifier to get a wide variety of tones in one package. This type of amp also tends to be lighter in weight than a tube amp.

For those that prefer the classic tone of a tube amplifier, there are plenty of options available. For instance, Mesa makes a popular line of amplifiers that feature a slew of high-quality components for a rich and responsive sound. They are a favorite of many professional guitarists including John Petrucci of Dream Theater. Another great option is the Vox AX30 which has a rich chime that has made it a favorite of artists such as Queen.

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