Keep the Fire Burning

A fire that’s left unattended will eventually die down to a bed of glowing embers. But if you add fuel, it can roar back to life. That’s the attitude that STRYPER brings to its music and live shows.

From Murder by Pride to last year’s God Damn Evil, the Orange County band pummels listeners with crisp, decibel-crushing metal.

The Band

Originally formed in 1983 as Roxx Regime, Stryper was the first overtly Christian heavy metal band to gain mainstream acceptance. The band’s lineup consisted of Michael Sweet (lead vocals, guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), and Robert Sweet (drums). The name was changed to Stryper in 1984 to reflect the band’s new message and worldview. The band’s most successful period was in the mid-1980s with the albums To Hell with the Devil and Reborn. Stryper disbanded in 1993, but reunited in 2003 for a reunion tour.

The Members

Michael and Robert Sweet (lead vocals, guitar) and Oz Fox (guitar) are the original members of STRYPER, which stands for “Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace, Encouragement, and Righteousness.” This Christian glam metal band burst into the early-eighties Sunset Strip music scene wearing big hair, flamboyant costumes, and spreading their message through rock ‘n’ roll.

Despite the brash image, this is a group of musicians with very real concerns for their fellow man. While too many of their peers were courting death through sex, drugs and alcohol, the men of Stryper raised families and kept their faith front and center.

With a debut album that demolished conventions, The Yellow and Black Attack (buy) in 1984, the band gained a following in the Los Angeles club scene. The success of Soldiers Under Command (buy) and To Hell With the Devil (buy) brought them worldwide fame. After a brief hiatus in the 1990’s, the band returned strong with a new release of re-recorded songs called Seven, The Best of Stryper, and the 1988 album In God We Trust (buy). They released another great record, Second Coming, in 2013, and the recent The Final Battle.

The Music

Formed in 1983 as Roxx Regime, Stryper became the first overtly Christian heavy metal band to gain acceptance in the mainstream music industry. The band members—Michael Sweet (lead vocals, guitar), Robert Sweet (drums), and Oz Fox (guitar)—were inspired by bands like Van Halen, but wished to create an album that would expound their worldview and beliefs. The result was To Hell with the Devil, which reached platinum status in 1985. Since that time, the band has released five more albums: Second Coming in 2013; Fallen in 2015; God Damn Evil in 2018; and Even the Devil Believes in 2020.[1] The band has toured in support of all of its albums.

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